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When it comes to wheels & tires, there’s no better place to come for sourcing, ordering and installation than Lusso. Whether you’re looking to install HRE‘s, Giovanna‘s or Forgiato‘s, you need a team that’s prepared to handle the mounting and balancing of high end wheels. Like our customers, we value the time and work that goes into getting the perfect set of wheels on your vehicle.

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wheels and tires are important to the life span of your vehicle.

If you are in the market to improve the way your car looks, you may want to try a new set of wheels from Lusso Auto Design. We will help you choose one that both fits in your budget and give your car the look it needs. With installation included you cant go wrong with Lusso Auto. Depending on the usage, what you need and the size. We can definitely help you.

There are a couple different primary factors we like our customers to consider when choosing wheels. The wheel weight is very important, you also want to think about the driving terrain, and finally the size. Handling is very important and the weight of the wheels has a lot to do with that. The heavier the wheels the longer distance it takes to break & the handling on your car will be different. There are a lot of things to take into consideration regarding wheels and tires. The best bet is schedule a consultation with us and we can give you the tools & information you need to make the right decision.

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