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If you’re looking for the highest attention to detail and unmatched customer service in Las Vegas Nevada when it comes to automotive needs then there’s no better place to have your car detailed than Lusso Auto Design. Using only industry leading products and techniques, every car that leaves Lusso receives the same attention to detail and care regardless of the badge on the hood.

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Our services at Lusso Auto Design in Las Vegas Nevada provides necessary cleaning, refurbishing, and shining of your car’s most worn areas. First, our team will perform a comprehensive carpet and upholstery vacuum and shampoo service, deep cleaning, and remove all dirt, debris, and impurities from your car’s floor. Then, we’ll clean and recondition the leather in your car, from seats to consoles. At Lusso Auto Design, we’ll use the utmost caution when working with precious leather, performing this specialty cleaning with care. Additionally, we’ll clean all of your door panels and dress them appropriately. Our staff will clean the inside and outside of your windows, wipe your door jambs, and clean your dash and console. Finally, we’ll shine your tires and perform an Express Wash to finalize your car’s treatment.

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