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Benefits of PPF, Paint Protection Film or Clear Bras | Lusso Auto Design

Did you know that the paint on your car is the most expensive component of your vehicle?

Thats why we offer Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating. It’s true! In fact, a good quality paint job these days can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 or more, depending on what you drive. When you really think about it thats pretty insane!  Not only that the days of getting a good paint job from the manufacturer are long gone. 

Between the removal of lead from the color and the reduction to everything else in between. Car paint just doesn’t last long. It chips & scratches with every nick!  Just take a look at the vehicles sitting on a dealership lot. Find one that has good direct sunlight shining on it and notice all the swirl marks.  When it comes down to it, car manufactures are in such a hurry to get their inventory to the dealership; they don’t really give a newly painted vehicle sufficient time to solidify before it goes out to be sold.  With the clear coat still being somewhat soft, it can take quite a beating from inclement weather and random hydraulic fluid spills from the transporting trucks.  Once the dealership takes position, they often take the vehicle through their automatic carwash, adding even more swirls to the soft clear coat.  Professional detail shops like Lusso Auto Spa & Design can use a special paint gauge tool to accurately read the depth of the clear coat on a vehicle. 


What is most interesting is the inconsistencies in the readings we often find from one panel to the next.  Let’s face it, you work hard for your earnings, and you paid really good money for your new vehicle! I mean, new car cars cost and good arm and a leg these days, right!  So, with all these variables mentioned above, doesn’t it make perfect sense to protect your investment and keep your paint from rock chip and scratch damages?  Of course, it does!

Here are the core benefits Paint Protection Film, PPF, or also known as Clear Bras can provide you:

  • Protects against acid rain, water spots, and mineral deposits
  • blocks pebbles, sticks, and other hard objects from hitting and marking the surface of the paint.
  • resistant to damage from bug guts, bird droppings, and other acidic contaminants.
  • prevents oxidation caused by UV rays from sunlight
  • can self-heal minor scratches
  • lasts many years when properly installed by a professional
  • comes with warranty protection
  • easy to clean; contaminants easily rinse off

For more information or to receive complimentary quote for your car, please visit our Paint Protection Film tab on our website.  We look forward to serving you soon!